Micro TracersTechnology
The technology uses the cost-effective material (i.e., fly ash) from coal-fired power plants.
Intelligent Diagnostics
for Production and Injection Wells
The tracers are added to injected frac fluid and then recovered with flow back or produced fluids from treatment or observation well.
Intelligent Diagnostics
for Production and Injection Wells
The tracers are analyzed on-site in a mobile lab to give E&P operators accurate, timely, actionable data to optimize hydraulic fracturing performance.
Intelligent Diagnostics
for Production and Injection Wells
  • QuantumPro, Inc. is an oilfield technology company that offers a revolutionary micro tracers portfolio for multistage hydraulic fracturing stimulation and reinjection operations in the exploration and production (E&P) industry.
  • The company is successfully deploying the next generation of micro tracers coupled with advanced sub-atomic measurements that significantly reduce the completion cost and double the efficiency of the hydraulic fracturing treatment.
  • Our proprietary micro tracers technology enables our clients to increase recovery factors by validating reservoir development strategies, geological and geomechanical models, and improve completion and multistage hydraulic fracture stimulation design.
Micro Tracers
Lab testing
Sub-atomic signatures
Detection limits
In-situ analysis
Micro tracers design
Stages Design
Clusters Design
Frac design
Frac schedule
Frac equip.setup
Tracers equip.setup
Tracers injection
Tracers QAQC
Well flow
Samples collection
Samples filtration
Nuclear measurements
Real-time results reporting

Production profiling
Inefficiency mapping
Clusters redesign
Frac resign
Diagnostics reporting
In recent years, shale gas and tight oil have played a pivotal role in the
global production supply driven by the revolution in North America:
assessed basins with resource estimate
assessed basins without resource estimate
Unproved technically recoverable
Region Country Wet shale gas
(trillion feet)
Tight oil
(billion darrels)
46 Countries' total 7,576.6 418.9
bbl=barrels; Tcf=trillion cubic feet.
The revolution and success of shale resources development is mainly contributed by:
Advancement in horizontal well drilling
"A subset of the more general term "directional drilling" where the departure of the wellbore from vertical exceeds 80 degrees".
Multistage hydraulic fracturing
"Routinely performed on oil and gas wells in low permeability reservoirs where fluids are pumped at high pressure and rate into the reservoir interval to be treated, causing a vertical fracture to open. Proppant or sand of a particular size, is mixed with the treatment fluid to keep the fracture open when the treatment is complete".