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Since its formation in 2017, QuantumPro, Inc. has experienced great interest from high level executives, technical advisors, investors and directors. As a result, we now have a management team and advisory board with over 100 years combined industry experience and a range of expertise and credentials from across the industry and indeed the world.

The team members lead and drive forward an innovative and creative way, breaking boundaries and solving issues in tracer technology and intelligent diagnostics for oil and gas wells across the globe.

Talgat Shokanov
CEO of QuantumPro, Inc.

Key credentials:

  • 17 years in strategic management, R&D, technology commercialization, business development especially in fast growing hydraulic fracturing industry
  • Experience in venture capital investment, project finance, international business and oilfield services sectors
  • Published more than 10 U.S patents and 40 publications in the areas of hydraulic fracturing, pressure diagnostics, completion integrity, re-injection and subsurface containment.
  • Recipient of prestigious SPE Award for Distinguished Contribution to Petroleum Engineering and SPE Section Service Award for Valued Service.

Talgat Shokanov lead QuantumPro, Inc. since 2017 after 15-years of diverse international career with Schlumberger with the vision to develop a new and innovative smart tracer technology. With a background in hydraulic fracturing operations, R&D, business management, and finance, Talgat is an executive who identified an opportunity for this ground-breaking technology and is now leading QuantumPro, Inc. to develop multiple applications in the hydraulic fracturing domain.

In his prior roles with Schlumberger, he spearheaded the global business and technology development of the Cuttings Re-Injection via hydraulic fracturing including subsurface engineering design, disposal domain mapping, diagnostics and monitoring analysis. The application of these processes and technologies triple the business size, secure dominant market position and become a vital part for deepwater, arctic and remote oil and gas projects deployment.

Talgat is well recognized for technical expertise and resolution of highly complex issues in hydraulic fracturing, multiple fractures mechanics and modeling, fracturing injection and decline pressure analysis, subsurface engineering and containment assurance which enhanced the stature of the industry in the environmentally compliant drilling and subsurface injection assurance and resulted in the publication of many articles and patents. Talgat is recipient of Prestigious SPE Award for Distinguished Contribution to Petroleum Engineering and SPE Section Service Award for Valued Service.

Role with QuantumPro, Inc.

As CEO, Talgat continues to be the driving force behind the business. He inspires his board and team to apply their innovative smart tracer technology solution to an expanding number of applications and environment within oil and gas wells.

Career History

Talgat has worked in a variety of business roles within oilfield services industry across the globe and servicing a wide range of clients. He has the skills and expertise to lead QuantumPro, Inc. to success. He has broken new ground within the oil & gas sector and has established new technologies for use in the field and continues to gain interest in QuantumPro, Inc. from the oil and gas companies around the world.

Pavel Khudorozhkov
Global Completion Manager at QuantumPro, Inc.

Key credentials:

  • 15+ years of international oil and gas industry experience
  • Technical lead for $100M+ complex fracturing and injection business in Schlumberger
  • Completed 100+ geomechanical and complex hydraulic fracturing subsurface modeling studies
  • Fracturing projects design, diagnostics and analysis in America, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Russia

Pavel Khudorozhkov is a recognized subsurface expert with more than 15 years of global oil and gas industry experience focusing on reservoir evaluation, advanced geomechanics and engineering design. He received his MS degree in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University, Scotland.

During his professional career Pavel held various technical and management roles providing technology and services across upstream value chain. He led the creation of 3D models for complex and naturally fractured reservoirs in oil, gas and gas condensate fields. He pioneered and perfected the world leading hydraulic fracturing assurance process, front-end engineering design and efficiency evaluation workflows for solids injection projects. He also supervised oil field development, reservoir evaluation studies and production wells performance analysis.

In his last role at M-I SWACO, A Schlumberger Company he applied his expertise to develop and grow subsurface assurance business line in Russian and Caspian Region. His efforts secured a leader market position for geologically complex and environmentally sensitive projects. Pavel is well recognized for his work on geomechanical and diagnostics analysis for major oil and gas operators – ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, ConocoPhillips, PetroAmazonas, Chevron, Gazprom, Rosneft. He characterized new injection formations and designed integrated assurance process for complex fracturing and injection projects in UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Peru, USA, Canada.

Role with QuantumPro, Inc.

In QuantumPro, Inc., Pavel is leading the subsurface geomechanics and completion diagnostics business line. He develops completion diagnostics workflows and technical solutions aiming to reduce the completion cost and enhance the well productivity.

John Oliver
Board Member, QuantumPro, Inc.

Key credentials:

  • Oil and gas experience of 40 years in strategic management, R&D, technology commercialization, business development in the oilfield services industry
  • Held numerous executive and leadership positions with M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger Company
  • Experienced in venture capital investment, M&A, project finance, international business management and oilfield services sectors
  • Extensive experience in oilfield chemicals manufacturing and drilling fluids. Strong relationships with lower and middle-market private equity and venture capital investors

John Oliver started at the field level in drilling fluids 40 years ago after receiving his BSc., with honors, in Biochemistry from St. Andrews University in Scotland. He worked in every geographic segment of the fluids industry and held management roles in every segment of M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger Company.

John held several high-level executive roles within M-I SWACO, during which time, he managed the global business and technology development of the Cuttings Re-Injection via hydraulic fracturing including subsurface engineering design, disposal domain modeling and mapping, complex fracture diagnostics and monitoring analysis.

He managed all the segments in the South American business unit as Senior VP and his last position with M-I SWACO was as Global Marketing Manager. John went on to lead Prince Energy, a division of Prince International. He retired from that position in July 2018.


Three experienced Advisors represent a selection of high-profile experts, innovators and experienced executives from various oil and gas related organizations. With support of this high-caliber team, QuantumPro, Inc. will continue to develop and grow their customer base and market applications for its revolutionary smart tracer technology portfolio.

Nick Tillmann
CEO of inRobotics

Key credentials:

  • 27 years of experience in the upstream and downstream sectors
  • Management and operational roles held internationally
  • Led Energy Accelerator at the Houston Technology Center
  • Currently CEO of InRobotics

Nick Tillmann is an experienced petroleum industry executive whose experience includes leadership of diverse international businesses with significant P&L responsibility, project management, start-ups, emerging markets and rapid growth.

At ConocoPhillips, Nick successfully started up and led the company's downstream petroleum business in Poland, managed the company's $500 million global petroleum coke business, directed numerous international business development projects and led the development and commercialization of technology-based products such as flow improvers and carbon products.

Since May 2014, Nick has served as Director of Energy Acceleration at the Houston Technology Center, where he has advised and mentored over 100 energy startup companies and developed and implemented programs to educate startup founders and teams.

Currently, Nick is President and CEO of inRobotics, a technology startup partnering with Rice University's Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab to develop robotic solutions for inspection and maintenance of large assets.

Lance Robinson
President of Innovation Project Services

Key credentials:

  • 25 years of experience in energy innovation & technology commercialization
  • MBA from the University of Dallas 
  • Founder & President of Innovation Project Services LLC

Lance Robinson is an internationally experienced energy sector manager with extensive experience in new technology & innovation, project development, commercial management, venture capital investments and startup companies, and technology development and commercialization.

His career has encompassed technology investment and project development in renewable energy, energy recovery, power generation, power transmission, and oil & gas subsectors for top-tier energy and industrial companies.

He has successfully built internal and external relationships and overcame operational resistance to change through effective stakeholder engagement and collaboration. He is Founder and President of Innovation Project Services LLC which is "go to" organization for technology innovation projects & programs.

Lance holds an MBA from the University of Dallas and a Bachelor's in Civil Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Sam Hemeda
Managing Partner at Capstone Energy Consulting

Key credentials:

  • 25 years experience in technology deployment in oil & gas value chain
  • Strategic Executive roles, held within national and multinational companies
  • In-depth expertise in digital transformation for SME
  • Managing Partner at Capstone Energy Consulting

Sam Hemeda has 25 years of executive experience in the energy industry where he was one of the early pioneers in understanding and advancing the role of Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning in all Oil & Gas segments.

Sam has worked for national and multinational companies, such as ABB, Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Kongsberg Digital (formerly Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies) and recently Accenture LLP providing his consultative experience to major and independent E&P companies. Currently, he is a partner at Capstone Energy Consulting, specializing in strategy and digital transformation for small and medium enterprises that serve the energy market.

He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). He serves on the advisory team for Houston Exponential and MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas. He has received a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from City University of New York (CUNY), a professional Engineering Licenses (PE), State of Texas and MBA from University of Warwick (United Kingdom) with focus on information consultancy and new venture creations. Sam has multiple publications and currently holds a US/International patents.