The OmniTrac Edge
Universal wellbore flow tracer

With the OmniTracâ„¢ universal wellbore flow tracer, we combined the diagnostic power of FloTrac with advanced metallurgy to provide a unique and non-intrusive way to assess and measure your well's production, from the bottom up. OmniTrac is, indeed, universal and applicable to any oil, gas, geothermal or water well; newly completed or legacy producing wells; horizontal or vertical; onshore or offshore.

The uniqueness of OmniTrac lies in its delivesry mechanism, which can be likened to the medicine capsule your doctor prescribes. In this case, the capsule is a highly engineered and precisely machined dissolvable alloy ball packed with distinctively tagged FloTrac ultrahigh-resolution nanoparticle tracers. Once dropped or pumped to the bottom or end of the well, the ball, which maintains stability in up to 7,500 psi pressure, dissolves upon interacting with freshwater, brine, frac fluid or production fluids. This effectively disperses the FloTrac tracers, which return to surface with the production stream, in the same manner as when monitoring flow behavior in a fraced well.

Easily deployed with no modifications

OmniTrac requires no subsurface or surface modifications. In vertical wellbores, a QuantumPro technician simply drops a ball into the wellbore where gravity takes it to bottom. In horizontal wells, a single ball is pumped to the toe of the lateral with pump-down or frac equipment, where it maintains integrity under the high-pressure pumping environment.

The OmniTrac universal wellbore flow tracer is your prescription to a healthy well.

The OmniTrac universal wellbore flow tracer also delivers the same advanced data-driven diagnostics, allowing you to see precisely where production may be falling short. With this groundbreaking technology, you have all the data you require to develop an effective treatment plan, at a fraction of the costs or running otherwise unnecessary cameras, acoustics, production logging, retrievable fiber or equally complicated and intrusive production monitoring technologies.