The PerfTrac Edge
Perforation flow efficiency tracer

The PerfTrac™️ perforation flow efficiency tracer brings the robustness and diagnostic power of FloTrac to a more granular level by providing unprecedented insight into the flow assurance of perforation holes after the stimulation program. PerfTrac enables you to assess the flow profile of the perforation that corresponds directly to the quality of the completion program and reservoir performance you are preparing to develop.

Through an exclusive partnership with a leading perforation charge manufacturing company, the inert nanoparticle tracers are pre-packed in the perforation charges when they arrive at the wellsite, thus requiring no onsite preparation or special handling. The perforation guns look and operate exactly as they do without the small tracer concentrations efficiently embedded in the charge liner, which are dispersed directly into the formation upon detonation.

For the operator, PerfTrac represents a risk-free mechanism to assess perforation flow performance and identify any inter-well communication. The execution and outcome of the perforation are indistinguishable from one that does not include the nanoparticle tracers.

PerfTrac is ideally suited for a wide range of diverse applications, including multi-cluster unconventional wells, multi-lateral extended reach offshore wells, new exploration, and Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) wells and Geological Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) projects.

Durable tracers deliver actionable clarity to perforation flowability

Comprehensive testing verified the stability of the nanoparticle tracers under the intense velocities, temperatures, and impact pressures induced by the shock wave created during a perforation. Being non-radioactive, the PerfTrac perforation flow efficiency tracer also poses no additional burden to the already tightly regulated deployment of perforation charges.

The uniquely tagged FloTrac nanoparticle tracers are analyzed using rigorous sub-atomic detection and high-resolution diagnostics. This nonintrusive post-perf granular-level flow mapping gives you vital data to enable any needed modifications to the perforation or stimulation program to help generate maximum asset value.

The PerfTrac perforation flow efficiency tracer enhances the flow pixilation and provides clarity to post-perf analysis and reservoir development.